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  • John Deere History of a Giant

    Posted on December 28, 2010 by John Deere Collector

    The John Deere company is the largest name in tractors and yard machines in America (and today, John Deere toys), but it has not always been so big. Even from the moment that it began, however, it has had a proud and optimistic outlook that is dedicated to providing the very best. John Deere declared when he started the company that it would be only the best, because he refused to put his own name on something that was anything less. The company has stayed committed to this goal into the present day, and chases it with everything that they do.

    Rusted MemoriesAs the Midwest has developed, John Deere has flourished. The company began with a single steel plow in 1837, giving pioneers the ability to farm in the center of the spreading country. The company began manufacturing more plows with this same design, moving from the single product in 1837 to one hundred in 1841. In four years, the company was producing one hundred times the amount of goods, and this was only the beginning.

    By 1849, the year of the gold rush, John Deere was convincing people not to head for California, but to stay in the Midwest and farm. He had moved his business to Moline, had a new shop constructed, and produced over two thousand plows. Business did not stop growing there, however. The original plows had been selling for around six to ten dollars, but by the year 1900, the company was able to make two million dollars, a large fortune for the time.

    The First World War brought with it many of the innovations and inventions that wars always bring, and some of them impacted the John Deere Company — such as the gasoline-powered tractor. The company adjusted and grew, staying always on the edge of technology. The Second World War provided the same situation, and even more innovations were made, since the company had survived the Great Depression. These innovations, such as the Model M Tractor, were not made during the war, however, when the company made trailers and other supplies to fuel the war effort.

    After the wars, the company saw massive growth until it became the giant that it is today. Much of this had to do with excellent financial work, surviving both the small depression in the 1850s and the larger one in the 1930s. Most of it had to do, however, with the commitment to quality at all times.

    Photo by ЕленАндреа

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