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John Deere Toys - Scale Guide

John Deere Toys Information and Scale Guide


Scale represents a fraction of real size.
A vehicle that is 16 feet long in real life, will be 1 foot long in 1/16th scale.


Most used for


Best for


Farm toys. 

Older and smaller farm tractors are 8 to 10 inches long, many newer models are more than 12 inches long, you are about 4.4 inches tall.

Most are great for kids.  Collector and Precision models are intended more for display than play.


Cars and small trucks.

The 'typical' car is 10-12 inches long.

Many are designed for display and have small, breakable pieces.


Trucks, cars, banks, and some construction equipment.

Delivery trucks are 8 to 10 inches long, construction toys are a large 12 inches or more.

Most items are built for older children or for adult collectors.


Farm toys and airplanes.

Classic biplanes have about a 12 inch wingspan.  Farm tractors are smaller but still big enough for little hands. Old semi rigs are 14-16 inches long.  You are just over 2 inches tall.

Most items are suitable for play.


Mostly First-Gear trucks

Almost exclusively for adult collectors.


Farm toys, cars, and trucks.

The same scale as a Lionel railroad.  Trucks and cars are 3.5 to 4.5 inches long.

Great for older children, many items have small parts.  This scale is sought after by 'O' scale rail-road enthusiasts.



Common scale for smaller airplanes.

Some suitable for older kids.  Mostly collectibles.


Construction toys

Dozers average 5 to 6 inches in length, graders and scrapers are 6 to 8 inches, cranes and large excavators are still 8 to 12 inches and up.  You are about 1.4 inches tall.

Mostly for older children or adult collectors and modelers.  SIKU and Joal brands will do well with children who are not likely to abuse them.


Farm equipment, semi trucks

Farm tractors are between 3 and 4 inches long, a semi tractor with trailer is about 12 inches long.

Great for all ages.  Small size makes this scale popular with kids and collectors.



Popular scale for airplanes.  Still too large for modern most bombers and passenger jets.

Some suitable for older kids.  Mostly collectibles.


Wide variety

Same scale as HO railroads.  Large variety of trucks, equipment, and accessories available.

Great for anyone old enough to have an HO train set.



Common scale for larger planes.

Some suitable for older kids.  Mostly collectibles.



A 747 is only 6 inches long.  Used for only the largest aircraft.

Strictly for collectors.


John DeereToy Descriptions

1/16th Model

These toys are considered "shelf model" toys. These are the toys that are the most popular with youngsters to play with.

Prestige Models

The Ertl Prestige series of John Deere toy tractors have a high level of detail from the front weights to the authentic style rear drawbar. Features for modern and vintage John Deere tractor replicas can include: die cast wheels with soft tires, 3-point hitches that raise and lower, window 'glass' with console lever detail, mirrors, warning arms, gear shift levers and much more.

1/64th Scale

This is considered the "Match Box" version in John Deere toys.

Collector Edition

Several times each year, Tomy International and John Deere team up to produce Special Limited Edition Collector Series versions of their toy line.  These are very limited in and only produced for a short time!

Note to Parents:  Collector editions are a little more detailed and therefore fragile.  If buying for a child, please keep in mind that they can be easily broken if played with. 

Precision Models

Without question, John Deere vintage toy tractors and farm equipment are the most detailed die-casts you will find. Movable levers and pedals! Rotating chains and belt pulleys! Details so authentic, you'll swear that the engine will start.

Big Farm Toys

All the detail of Tomy's signature die cast replicas in a child-friendly plastic construction. John Deere Big Farm fits into any Sandbox!

Big Farm Toy Features: 1/16th Scale All Plastic Construction, Push button activated engine and back up sound with flashing cab roof lights, Removable cab to gain access to batteries, Open rear window to allow for steering wheel access, (this is large enough for little ones to put their hands through to steer) Clear window cab glass, Removable front weights on select units, Tie rod front steering, Removable rear dual tires on select units, Adjustable height of rear hitch to allow attachment of 1/16th implements, Removable front end loader on select units, 3 AAA batteries included.

This model is considered 1/16th scale but cab may be larger than a normal 1/16th scale model to accommodate children to reach through the back of cab to reach steering wheel.

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